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May 17, 2018

LibCon 2018 – Teens express creativity in a safe environment  
Commentary By Councilmember René Lopez
The Chandler Public Library will soon host its popular LibCon, providing  teenagers a safe place to hang out and share common interests related to sci-fi, comic books, anime, gaming and cosplay.
LibCon 2018 is a free, Comicon-style event for teens only, ages 12 to 18. Attendees will experience the world of conventions in a secure environment, allowing them to express individual creativity. The event takes place from 6 to 9 p.m., Saturday, June 9, at the downtown Chandler Public Library, located at 22 S. Delaware Street.
I am excited about this year’s LibCon and some of the new additions, such as Basha High School students performing a K-Pop dance, a teen hang-out area and a Crunchy Roll Anime viewing. Vendors will be selling various pieces of artwork and there will be an area designated for gaming. Youth will experience pop-culture and, learn about new interests and the resources available. The entire library will be at the fingertips of all those who attend.
Participants are encouraged to dress in costume as their favorite character, whether from a movie or one they have created themselves. It is important to keep safety in mind. This is the place to be creative and ready to meet new people with similar interests.
This is one of many programs and services provided by the Chandler Public Library. There are resources available for all ages, including assistance in preparing for academic tests, access to the job center, free music downloads as well as offering a variety of literacy classes. Books are still available for check-out and, downloading in digital and audio formats. A library card is all you need to start exploring all of these services.
I had the pleasure of interviewing Allyson Bullock and Nicolas Resteiner, Library Assistants, during my recent Chandler In Focus show. We discussed the connection between literacy and holding these types of events. They are very excited to see everyone’s costumes and are looking forward to holding this year’s event at the downtown Chandler Public Library. 
Registration is not required. For more information, visit and watch my “Chandler In Focus” show at