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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Rethink!

Recycling can be done in a variety of ways! From recycling items in your blue can to donating items to local charities, the City of Chandler offers many programs and resources to help residents keep items out of the landfill.

 It Pays to Recycle
$40 - Cost per ton to dispose of trash* - 75 percent
$27.85 - Revenue earned per ton for recycling** - 25 percent
$67.85 - Cost savings for every ton of recyclables not taken to the landfill

*City takes trash to Butterfield Landfill in Mobile, AZ (approx.  35 miles southwest of Chandler)

** Recycling contract earns $2.35/ton for recycling education and a minimum of $25.50/ton for recycling materials collected from blue cans.  If commodity market prices increase,  the City shares the additional revenue with contractor. (Example-  June 2011 City earned $37.85 per ton, plus $2.35/ton for recycling education)

Additional Information:

Questions about recycling? Send us an e-mail, or call Solid Waste Services at 480-782-3510.