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News and Policies

 The Chandler Aquatics staff
strives to provide our
customers with a safe and enjoyable swimming experience.
The safety of you and your
family is our primary concern.


Facility Rules-Regulations & Policies
Frequently Asked Questions of Chandler Aquatics Staff

Chandler Aquatics news, announcements, events, general information

Aquatic facility rules, regulations and policies
Chandler Swim Lessons & Classes
Chandler Aquatics News & Events
Special Events Calendars

For all special events, please go to the
events  calendar for each facility:
  *  Arrowhead Pool Calendar
  *  Desert Oasis Calendar
  *  Folley Pool Calendar
  *  Hamilton Calendar
  *  Mesquite Groves Calendar
  *  Nozomi Calendar

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*  Chandler Aquatic Administration 
    Office is located at the Parks, 
    Facilities & Aquatics Building
    at 650 E. Ryan Road, south
    side of Tumbleweed Park, west
    of McQueen Road

 Aquatic Facility Rules, Regulations & Policies

* Pool Manager and lifeguards have
  complete authority in the pool. Please
  remember, lifeguards are on duty to
  provide a safe environment and respond
  and assist with aquatic emergencies. It
  is the parent or guardian’s responsibility
  to watch their child at all times. 
* Feet first entries only in water less than
  5 feet. Diving head first into water less
  than 5 feet may cause severe spinal cord
* Please keep gate(s) closed – do not prop
* Please observe all safety regulations. 
* Guests are allowed to wear t-shirts to
   protect their skin from the Arizona sun.
   Please wear a clean shirt.
* All aquatic facilities are smoke-free
  (smoking is strictly prohibited in aquatic
   facilities located on school sites. This
   includes the area outside the aquatic
   center and parking lots). 
* Any guest entering the pool, swimming
   or not, is required to pay the admission
* The City restricts the type of food and
   beverages that customers can bring into
   our facilities. There are also restrictions
   on the size of coolers that can be brought
   into Chandler aquatic facilities. Please
   read our recently revised
   Outside Food & Beverage Policy
*  No alcohol or glass containers are

* Flotation devices, water wings, and flotation
   filled swimsuits are prohibited unless U.S.
   Coast Guard approved. 
 * Children 7 and under must be
   accompanied by a responsible teenager,
   13 years or older, or adult. 
 * Children who are not potty-trained must
   wear swim diapers at all times at all
   Chandler aquatic facilities. 
 * We ask all guests to shower and use the
   bathroom before entering and enjoying the
 * Guests who are sick or ill (diarrhea,
   incontinent, vomiting) are asked to visit the
   facility after they have recovered from their
 * Guests with open wounds, sores, inflamed
   eyes, colds, nasal or ear discharges, boils
   or other acute or obvious body infections or
   cuts shall be excluded from entering the
 * Fecal Incidents: Maricopa County Health
   Dept. (MCHD) requirements are followed
   regarding fecal incidents. There are
   different procedures that must be followed
   for solid and liquid fecal incidents. To
   avoid the pool being shut down for a
   24-hour period, please, do not bring sick
   children to the pool and always use swim
   diapers with a child who is not potty
   trained. We want to keep all guests
   healthy and safe. Please make sure your
   children use the bathroom facilities
   during your stay at the pool. 


The use of mermaid tails and/or monofins are not permitted
* For the protection of all our guests, the
   use of cameras, cell phone cameras,
   video recording devices and equipment
   with digital photography capability is
   prohibited in your bathroom/locker room
   area. Video recording and photography
  of any kind within the pool area must be
  approved by the Pool Manager. 

   Photos & Videos of Participants
   City staff often take photographs or video
   of participants in our classes and at our
   special events. These images may be
   used in City publications, Web sites,
   Chandler Channel 11, local newspapers
   or other promotional and marketing
   materials. By registering yourself or your
   children for any of the programs or
   activities offered by the City, you agree to
   allow the use and publication of any
   photos and/or videos taken at any public
   program, event or facility of the City of
   Chandler. You can also submit photos
   that you have taken (of City parks,
   recreation classes and activities, etc.) for
   publication in Break Time.
   Call 480-782-2910 for details.

   Inclement Weather Policy
   If classes are canceled by the Aquatics
   Office or the facility manager due to a
   storm, the classes will be made up on a 
   date to be determined. If more than two
   classes are canceled, a 10 percent
   discount voucher or full refund will be

There are additional rules and regulations posted at each aquatic center.
Please review these regulations when you visit any of our facilities. 

Chandler Aquatics Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
Answers to some of the most common questions asked of the City's Aquatics staff
Q.  Can I fax or phone in my registration
        or register online?
A.  You can register for classes online.
       However, phone and faxed registration
       will not be accepted.

Q.  What swim lesson class should my child
       be in? 
A.  Please place your child by skills and
      abilities according to our
      course descriptions. You may also
      bring your child to the facility of your
      choice during lessons or public swim
      hours and request a swim test. If you
      have questions, please call the Aquatics
      Office at (480) 782-2750 Monday
      through Friday from 8 5 p.m.,
      except holidays and we will be happy
      to assist you.

Q.  What happens if I am placed on a wait
A.  If you are placed on a wait list, the 
      Aquatics Office will notify you should
      an opening become available.
      Notification may come as late a 48-
      hours prior to the start of the class. 
      Please make sure your contact
      information is current and up to date
      to ensure you receive notification in a
      timely manner. If we cannot reach you
      we will offer the space to the next
      person on the wait list.
      Click here to view our rental rates

Q.  Are we allowed to have a birthday party
       at the pool during operational hours? 
A.  Birthday parties are not allowed during
      public swim /operational hours.
      However, each facility is available for
      private rentals or birthday parties from
      May 1 through August 31. They
      are available for rental on Saturdays or
      Sundays only after our public swim
      hours. A three-week advanced notice is
      required. In order to book a reservation,
      a 25-percent non-refundable deposit,
      paid by credit card is required. Rental
      fees are determined by the facility, the
      number of people and the number of
      hours the facility is to be reserved. 
      There is a two (2) hour minimum rental.

Q.  How many aquatic classes can I register
       my child in for each session?
A.  A student may register for a maximum
      of ONE (1) class per session.

Q. How do I know what level my child will
      advance to for the next session if
      registration is required prior to the
      completion of the session? 
A.  A general rule of thumb is that children
      will remain in the same level for at least
      two sessions. Detailed information on
      your child's progress can be provided by
      your child's current instructor. Staff will
      do their best to move children into the
      appropriate class level the first day of
      each session if space is available. If a
      move cannot be accommodated, the
      instructor should be able to work with
      the student at the appropriate skill level.

Q.  When do I have to cancel a class to
      receive a full refund?
A.  If you wish to cancel your Aquatics 
      class/activity enrollment, you may call us
      at least three days prior to the class/session
      start date for a full refund. You may go to:
       1) your ActiveNet Account three
           days prior to the class/session start
           date to directly withdraw from the
           class for a full refund. Less than
           three days notice will result in a
           50% of the class fee refunded. On the
           start date of class/session, no refund
           is issued.
        2) or call the Aquatics Office at
           (480) 782-2756 or 2753

      This refund policy does not apply to
      the Aquatic Certification Courses.

For certification course cancelations,
view Certification Class Refund,
Cancelation & Transfer Policy

Q.  Is any assistance available for families
       that cannot afford swim lessons for their
A.  Yes. If you need assistance to pay for
      swim lessons, help is available.
      Goodwill Scholarship and Fee Assistance
      Program available.

      For more information, call 480-782-2756
      or submit a registration and the:

17-18 Goodwill Scholarship Program Application - English (PDF)

17-18 Goodwill Scholarship Program Application - Spanish (PDF)

Q.  Do I have to pay the fee for each class?
A.  No. The lesson fees are for a session.
       For example, if the fee for a 25 minute
       class is $20, that fee covers the entire
       six-day session.

Q.  Can I change my child's class should they
        progress to the next level?
A.  Yes. Transfers can be made up until noon
      on the Friday before the next session
      begins if there is space in the next
      level. Please call (480) 782-2750 and
      our staff will be happy to assist you. 

Q.  Can I bring my own food to the pool for
        myself or my family?
A.  The City restricts the type of food and
       beverages that customers can bring into
       our facilities during public swim hours.
       Please read about our policy here:
       * Outside Food & Beverage Policy

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