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Mission and Values

Chandler's "VALUES" Program is Making a Difference!

The City of Chandler VALUES Program is a customer service and employee excellence program for the employees of the City. The City is focusing on high performance because we want to make a good organization even better.
It’s about improving how we work together, and improving the services we provide to our customers. It's about understanding our current realities and what the future may hold.
Our workforce is changing, and the build-out of the community is right around the corner. These changes will bring a new set of fiscal constraints, and require new and creative ways of doing business. 
It’s about the right people, working together in making the right decisions at the right moment, and capitalizing on the talents of our employees.
Vision, Values and Leadership Philosophy: 
The City’s vision, values and leadership philosophy were created based on comments received from Chandler employees. These elements will guide our work as we confront our changing realities.
The Vision is our statement regarding where we hope to see the organization heading. It inspires people to action and describes the future we are seeking:
Our vision is to make Chandler a world-class city by delivering outstanding public services, creating a unique community and ensuring an exceptional quality of life.
Our Values define how we treat each other and our customers. They guide us in creating a sound and supportive work culture and work systems at all levels of the organization:
Excellence is the responsibility of everyone at the City of Chandler. We lead by our core values in constant pursuit of excellence.
- Commitment
- Communication
- Diversity
- Innovation
- Integrity
- Personal Responsibility
- Respect
- Teamwork
The Leadership Philosophy describes the behaviors we believe should be modeled throughout the City – how managers work with their teams, how teams work together and how individual employees treat each other, and our beliefs and attitudes toward work:
We believe Chandler employees are talented, motivated, trustworthy and committed to excellence in public service. We value personal responsibility, diversity, integrity and initiative. Together, we will foster a culture that encourages open communication, innovation, shared leadership, teamwork, respect and mutual support.
For more information on the VALUES Program, contact the Communications & Public Affairs Department at 480-782-2232.