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Chandler Tax and License Division

Tax and License Division administers and issues special regulatory licenses.  We continue to work with the Arizona Department of Revenue on the centralized licensing, reporting and collecting of transaction privilege (sales) and use taxes.

E-Services for Tax and License‚Äč
Sales Tax - file and pay online

Transaction Privilege Tax License, apply online with the State of Arizona Department of Revenue

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Refund of Taxes Paid, submit a request online
***only for periods prior to January 2017***

Penalty Waiver, submit a request online
***only for periods prior to January 2017***

Cancel License, submit a request online
***only for business closures that occurred prior to January 2017***

Report a Rental Property, submit information online

Office Location - Tax and License
Tax and License Division
175 South Arizona Avenue, Ste A
Chandler, AZ  85225
NE corner of Chicago Street and Arizona Avenue (between Chandler Boulevard and Pecos Road) 

Phone Number and Hours - Tax and License
Tax and License
480-782-2343 FAX

Revenue Collections
480-782-2290 FAX

Tax Audit
480-782-2290 FAX

Our offices are open Monday through Friday from
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. except City Holidays.

Transaction Privilege Tax Changes - Tax and License
The City of Chandler recently passed a new Code Chapter that requires all businesses located in the City to obtain a Business Registration.  This business registration begins in 2018 and will help the City with maintaining a listing of all businesses located in Chandler.  This will allow the City to continue with verifying tax records and assist with public safety inquiries.

Council approved the $45 annual fee for the business registration. 
For more information, please visit our Business Registration page or contact our Tax and License division.

Transaction Privilege Tax Changes - Tax and License
2017 Update
The State of Arizona and its Cities and Towns continue to work together toward the goal of simplifying the manner in which taxpayers report and pay their Transaction Privilege Tax.  This process is a major undertaking and we appreciate your patience with us and the Arizona Department of Revenue during the transition.

Please know that if you filed and paid Transaction Privilege and Use Taxes during 2016, a license is required with the Arizona Department of Revenue for Chandler reporting purposes.  If you do not have a State license, please visit to apply online.

In order to report the Transaction Privilege (sales) and Use Tax owed to the City of Chandler, a separate line is needed with the business location code and city code of CH.  If you do not see your location or city code,  you can add these to your license account online with or by filing a Business Account Update form with the Arizona Department of Revenue.

For additional information from the Arizona Department of Revenue, visit the website.

Guidance for Residential Rentals

The Arizona Department of Revenue will have a new transaction privilege tax (TPT) electronic filing program in place for property management companies (PMCs) by the start of 2018 allowing a PMC to report and remit tax to each client’s TPT license.

Starting with the January 2018 filing period, PMCs will be able to file and pay transaction privilege tax on behalf of their clients using the new electronic filing program. PMCs will be able to begin licensing to participate in the new program after November 1, 2017. 

News Update: Arizona Department of Revenue announces more resources for Residential Rental Taxpayers with Transaction Privilege Tax Questions, visit the website.  The new Publication 645 provides useful definitions and additional tools.

Transitional guidance on licensing and reporting for Owners and Property Managers is available. View more information from the Arizona Department of Revenue.

Download a printable residential rental property license application.