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Become a Vendor

The City of Chandler and many nonprofit organizations hosts a number of events and activities for vendors to participate in.  Vendors can be food and beverage booths, merchandise sales, business or nonprofit information, all are welcome to apply for their event of choice.

City of Chandler Events
The City of Chandler host a wide variety of events that have available vendor booth space available.  All vendors interested in space at an event must apply to be considered for the event.  Please Note: not all vendors that apply will be accepted as each event may have specific criteria when accepting vendors.

How to Apply to be a Vendor
1. Choose an event
2. Click on the event below
3. Read the information sheet attached to the application
4. Apply by either completing the pdf application or the online form
5. Wait to get a confirmation email to participate 

Below are events that are produced by the City of Chandler that accept vendors 
          Chandler Indian Art Market - Vendors need to be authentic Native artists, food and entertainment*
          Chandler Mayor's Day of Play - Vendors need to be health, wellness or fitness related
          Woofstock - Vendors need to be dog or pet related*
          Tumbleweed Tree Light/Parade of Lights - Vendors of all kind accepted*
          Chandler Multicultural Festival - Vendors need to be culturally or ethnically related*
          Chandler Jazz Festival - Vendors of all kind accepted
          Family Easter Celebration - Vendors of all kind accepted*
          Earth Day - Vendors of all kind and Earth related accepted*
          CinePark - Vendors of only food/beverage accepted*
          4th July of Celebration - Vendors of only food/beverage accepted*

          *Currently not accepting applications

Events in the City of Chandler
Many business and nonprofit organizations host events within the Chandler city limits.  These events or activities gather and organize their own vendors through a separate process.  In order to inquire about vendor availability, interested parties will need to contact the event organizers directly.  

You may call the City of Chandler Special Events Coordinator at 480-782-2665 to inquire about additional information.