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Watch episodes of Sprinkler's Clubhouse online!
Pool Safety Episode 1: "Welcome Home Sprinkler!”
(Pool Safety)

Meet Sprinkler and his best pal, Dusty the Dragon, while they build a new hangout - Sprinkler's Clubhouse.
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Helmet Safety Episode 2: “Birthday Surprise!”
(Helmet Safety)

It’s Dusty’s birthday and we’re having a surprise party! Dusty gets a new bicycle, and he and Sprinkler learn a few new safety tricks.
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Holiday Safety Episode 3: “Seasons Greetings!”
(Holiday Safety)

Keep Sprinkler company, while we learn a thing or two about holiday season safety. 
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Staying Healthy Episode 4: “Hygiene, Bye Germs!”
(Staying Healthy)

Chief is sick and Sprinkler has only minutes fill in for him at a school where the kids are waiting to see an important lesson in safety.
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Water Safety Episode 5: “Wish You Were Here!”
(Water Safety)

Sprinkler and B.K. learn some smart tips about playing it safe near their favorite watery getaways.
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Halloween Safety Episode 6: “No Tricks, Just Treats!”
(Halloween Safety)

Join Sprinkler and his friends as they get ready for a ghostly good time and learn a few Halloween tricks.
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Kitchen Safety Episode 7: “Cookin' it Safe!” 
(Kitchen Safety)

It’s time for the annual Chili Cook-off! When Sprinkler and Dusty are left in charge of making Mama’s prize-winning chili, they turn to their firefighter friends for help.
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Internet Safety Episode 8: “Surf’s Up Online”
(Internet Safety)

When the Clubhouse gang finds out Dude has been surfing solo online, Sprinkler suggests an Internet safety game.
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Latchkey Kid Safety Episode 9: “The Game Plan” 
(Latchkey Kid Safety)

Changes in the Lion family schedule transform fun-loving Ryan into a latchkey kid -- and he doesn't even know what that means. Sprinkler teaches him how to be safe.
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911 Emergency Information Episode 10: “Test Your Knowledge”
(911 Emergency Information)

The Chief wants to make sure Sprinkler and his Clubhouse pals have all the answers when it comes to emergency info. His game tests their knowledge about 9-1-1.
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Exit Drills in the Home Episode 11: “The E.D.I.T.H. Mystery”
(Exit Drills in the Home)

It was a dark and stormy night at the clubhouse - a perfect setting for a mystery. Join Sprinkler as he gathers all his unusual suspects and learns what to do in a smoke emergency.
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Health and Fitness Episode 12: “Working Out a Fitness Problem” (Health and Fitness)
Sprinkler’s Clubhouse pals are worried that their favorite safety clown has developed some bad habits. Eating too much junk food is turning Sprinkler the Clown into Sprinkler the Round.
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Stranger Danger Episode 13: “The Good, the Bad and the Stranger” (Stranger Danger)
Follow Sprinkler’s adventure as he shows the town that it’s important to be careful, but not fearful, around people we don’t know.
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Ride Safely Episode 14: “Ride Safely” (Transportation Safety)
Bikes, buses and automobiles! Sprinkler and the Professor have some safety tips for you!
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Music Video Music Video: “Ride Safely”
Sing and dance to Sprinkler’s very first music video.
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Sprinkler the Super Squirrel Scout Episode 15: “Sprinkler the Super Squirrel Scout”
Sprinkler knows that being prepared is good prevention! The tune, Cover Your Face, Stop, Drop and Roll teaches kids what to do if their clothes catch on fire.
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Tool or Toy? Episode 16: “Tool or Toy?” 
Uh-Oh, Sprinkler forgot the Chief’s birthday! His puppet friends keep confusing tools with toys. What’s the difference? Find out as Sprinkler and the gang get it figured out just in the nick of time!
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Gearing Up With The Firefighters Episode 17: “Gearing Up With The Firefighters”
Join Dude and Sprinkler as they learn to keep low whenever there's smoke, and find out why firefighters wear all that cool stuff!
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Sprinkler's Clubhouse - Episode 18 Episode 18: “Clown vs. Wild” 
Sprinkler the Clown takes on the Great Outdoors as he decides to create his own ‘Adventure Guy’ television show.
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Sprinkler's Clubhouse - Episode 19 Episode 19: “Red Ribbon Pledge” 
It’s Red Ribbon Day at school, but B.K. is having a tough time remembering what that means.
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Sprinkler's Clubhouse - Episode 20 Episode 20: “First Aid: The Musical” Ouch! Accidents happen, so it’s important to know how to react to small emergencies before they become a big deal.
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