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Recreation - Frequently Asked Questions

Q:     What number can I call to ask general questions about Chandler Recreation programs, classes or events?
   For information on any City of Chandler Recreation Division class, program, special event or rental options, please call the main customer service number at 480-782-2727 or visit
Q:     What is Break Time?
A:     Break Time is a quarterly magazine published by the Chandler Community & Neighborhood Services Department that outlines all of the classes, programs, activities and special events available to residents and non-residents of all ages. It is available at many City facilities and is distributed in January, April, July and October. It is mailed free of charge to residents who sign up to receive the magazine. Subscribe to receive your copy of Break Time it at
Q:    Is there a monthly newsletter?
A:     Yes, there is a monthly Chandler Recreation newsletter that is emailed at the end of each month highlighting upcoming programs and events. Sign up to receive the newsletter here.
Q:     Is Chandler Recreation information available on social media websites?
   Yes, Chandler Recreation information, photos, news and media coverage are all available on several social media websites. You can follow the latest information from the Recreation Division on Twitter (@ChandlerRec), Facebook (, YouTube (, and Instagram (
Q:     What is “Come Out & Play Chandler!”?
  “Come Out & Play Chandler!” is a bi-monthly television program that showcases Chandler Recreation, Parks, Aquatics and Special Events throughout the year. It airs on Chandler’s Channel 11 television station, online at and on the Chandler Recreation YouTube Channel. The show has been produced since the spring of 1994. 
Q:     How many Chandler Recreation facilities are there?
   There are six facilities operated by the City of Chandler Recreation Division. They include the downtown Chandler Community Center, the Chandler Senior Center, Snedigar Recreation Center, Environmental Education Center, Tumbleweed Recreation Center and the Chandler Tennis Center.
Q:     What are the addresses and phone numbers of all the facilities?
   Here are the phone numbers and addresses of the six Chandler Recreation facilities:
Chandler Community Center 125 E. Commonwealth Ave. 480-782-2727
Chandler Senior Center 202 E. Boston St.  480-782-2720
Snedigar Recreation Center 4500 S. Basha Rd. 480-782-2640
Environmental Education Center 4050 E. Chandler Heights Rd.   480-782-2890
Tumbleweed Recreation Center 745 E. Germann Rd.  480-782-2900
Chandler Tennis Center 2250 S. McQueen Rd.  480-782-2650
Q:    Are the facilities open on City holidays?
All Chandler Recreation facilities observe City holidays and are closed on those days, including New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Tumbleweed Recreation Center (TRC) is open with special hours on the following holidays: Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, the day after Thanksgiving. The TRC is closed the three days of the annual Ostrich Festival in March.
Q:    How do I register for Chandler Recreation classes and programs?
     You can register for recreation classes at, in person by completing the registration form at any of the six Chandler Recreation facilities or by mailing the form to Mail Stop 501, P.O. Box 4008, Chandler, AZ 85244-4008. Please note that registration for Chandler Aquatics swim classes should be sent to Mail Stop 906, P.O. Box 4008, Chandler, AZ 85244-4008.
Q:    Can I register for classes by phone?
   Registration is not accepted over the phone. You can set up an online account in advance at, drop off your form at any Chandler Recreation facility or mail it as indicated in the answer above.
Q:     Can non-residents register for Chandler Recreation classes and programs?
    Yes, non-residents are welcome to register and participate in all Chandler Recreation classes and programs. The non-resident fees are 35% higher than the resident rate and are rounded up to the next dollar. Non-residents are able to register six days following the start of the resident registration period each season. 
Q:     Why does Chandler have a higher non-resident fee?
   The Community & Neighborhood Services Department is committed to offering residents and non-residents a wide range of services and activities at the lowest overall cost. Due to increased fiscal demands for new and expanded services, the non-resident fee policy is necessary to maintain existing quality levels of service for Chandler residents. The non-resident fee policy was implemented by the Parks and Recreation Board in August of 2009. In June of 2010, the City Council approved a non-resident fee of 35% above the resident rate to apportion to non-residents an equalized fee so that they contribute to the funding of aquatics, parks and recreations programs, facilities, and services on an equitable basis with residents who pay City taxes.
Q:     How are residents verified so they don’t pay the non-resident fee?
   A person is considered a resident by maintaining a residence or owning a business within the city limits of Chandler. A customer’s resident status will be verified during registration by staff based on one of the following methods:
  • Most recent year property tax bill
  • Current (within last month) City of Chandler water and trash collection bill
  • Business license and check imprinted with a Chandler address
When customers register in person or use the drop-off method, a customer service representative will request a copy of one of these documents to confirm residency. For mail-in registration, customers will be reminded with future follow-up correspondence from staff to submit the proper form of ID. All copies of customer information received by staff will be shredded immediately following residency verification in the recreation registration software database. This is done just one time to verify upon initial registration.
Q:     How do I rent pavilions for picnics and facility rooms for parties?
  There are a variety of park pavilions and facility rooms available to rent. The prices and capacities vary depending on location. Please call 480-782-2727 or 480-782-2900 for more rental information. To rent a pavilion online click here
Q:   Can I have a bounce house, petting zoo, D.J or amplified sound?
  If your party or picnic rental includes bounce houses or other large entertainment features or amenities, you will need to complete a
Special Park Request form and it must be turned in at least 7 days in advance of your event:
Q:     How can I reserve a ball field?
    We have dozens of fields and courts available for rent through the City. Fields vary in size and sporty specialty from tennis to cricket to soccer to basketball and everything in between. To reserve a field online click here. Call 480-782-2727 or 480-782-2640 for information regarding City of Chandler ball field reservations.
Q:    Is alcohol allowed in City parks?
 A Malt Beverage Permit is required of individuals or parties who wish to have malt beverages in any City parks. Permits are $14 ($19 non-residents) and a valid driver's license is required. For more information, call 480-782-2727 or visit any Chandler Recreation facility to complete the permit.  
Q:     I have reserved a pavilion for a family event; can I bring extra tables, chairs and a grill?
  Yes, all of these items can be brought to the park. However, they have to be carried to the pavilion. No vehicles are allowed to be driven on the park grounds except in the public parking areas. For more questions about pavilion rentals, call 480-782-2727 or 480-782-2900.
Q:     I would like to hold a large event in a Chandler park. Who do I call? 
     Contact Hermelinda Llamas at 480-782-2665 or email for events that include a band, stage, selling of  food, drinks, souvenirs or merchandise, accepting donations on-site, accepting monies for raffles or auctions, closing of streets or parking lots, use of additional tents or canopies larger than 20 feet by 20 feet and groups of more than 300 people.
Q:    I am interested in volunteering with Chandler Recreation.  What should I do?
  You can complete a volunteer form at any recreation facility. For more details, call 480-782-2890.
Q:     I need access to a public computer. Are there any computers available for public use other than at the Chandler Libraries?
  The Tumbleweed Recreation Center (TRC) and Chandler Senior Center have computers that are available for public use. To gain access, you will need a City of Chandler library card and a personal identification number. If you do not have one, you are able to register for one at the TRC guest services desk.  Call 480-782-2900 if you have any questions.