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Rebate Programs
To promote water conservation inside and outside our homes, the City of Chandler offers rebates to residents who install low water use landscaping (Xeriscape) and automatic irrigation controls.

You must have an active City of Chandler utility account in order to qualify for a rebate.

Initial (New) Xeriscape Landscape Installation - $200
Landscape installed at a new residence may be eligible for a $200 rebate. In fact, the majority of new homes qualify for this rebate even if a small grass or lawn area is included.  
1. The entire front and back yards must be landscaped.
2. The total landscaped area must exceed 1,000 square feet.
3. After installation, a minimum of 50% of the landscaped area must be non-grass with inorganic or organic top dressing with drought-resistant trees,  lush shrubs, groundcovers, colorful flowering perennials, succulents, etc. 

Not sure which plants are low water use?  Several resources are available to help you including Landscape Plants for the Arizona Desert and Water Wise Landscaping in ChandlerFree classes are available to help guide you.

Download the City's policy on new landscaping (PDF)

Turf Removal  (Landscape Conversion) - $200 - $3,000
(Effective Aug. 1, 2010)
Xeriscape RebateThe City offers rebates on removing turf areas to encourage the installation of low-water-use, drought-tolerant plants (Xeriscape). A rebate of $200 per 1,000 square feet of grass removed, up to a maximum of $3,000, is available.

1. At least 1,000 square feet of turf must be removed.
2. After installation, a minimum of 50% of the landscaped area must be non-grass with inorganic or organic top dressing with drought-resistant trees, shrubs, groundcovers, flowering perennials, succulents, etc. 
3. Non-pervious materials such as black plastic sheeting are not permitted in the rebated area.

 Email or call the Water Conservation Office to set up a preliminary site inspection at least 30 days prior to starting your project 

Dozens of design examples to help you plan your landscape can be found online at Water Wise Landscaping in Chandler.  There are over 600 photos of low-water use plants to choose from and the website allows you to build a database of plants and their specifications that you can save for future reference. This should help you make the switch from a thirsty turf to a beautiful landscape that can be more fragrant and colorful, or may attract butterflies or hummingbirds.

> Download the City's turf removal policy (PDF)

Weather Based 'Smart' Irrigation Controller – up to $250
(Effective Aug. 1, 2010)Irrigation Controller
Is a ‘Smart’ Irrigation Controller Right for You?
- Do you want to reduce your water bill?
- Have you thought about using new technology in your landscape to improve your irrigation?
- Have you ever wondered how much water does your lawn really needs to look good and healthy?
If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you may be ready for a ‘Smart’ irrigation controller.

These irrigation controllers use current weather data and information about site conditions (such as soil moisture, rain, wind, slope, soil, plant type, and more), and apply the right amount of water to the landscape based on those factors.
The use of 'Smart' or weather-based irrigation controllers may qualify for a rebate of 50 percent of the actual cost of the controller (excluding taxes and installation) up to $250 per unit. 

  • Residential applicants are eligible to receive one (1) Smart Irrigation Controller rebate.
  • HOA, multi-family, commercial and industrial applicants are eligible to receive a maximum of five (5) Smart Irrigation Controller rebates.

- Learn where to find Smart controllers in Chandler and the East Valley. (PDF)
- Visit the EPA WaterSense website for a complete list of qualifying smart controllers. Be sure to check the 'Weather Data Source' column to see if additional components are required, such as weather sensors or collection units.
- Read Frequently Asked Questions about Smart Controllers (PDF)

Download the City's Smart ET Irrigation Controller policy (PDF)

How Do I Apply?

Complete the appropriate application below by clicking on the link which will open a fillable document, from there you can type in all the required information (highlighted in red). Then save and email to the Water Conservation Office at  Applications are generally processed within 10 business days. 

***All Smart Controller applications must be submitted with a copy of the itemized receipt and WIFI enabled controllers must also include screen shots showing the controller application loaded to your phone or tablet.

Funds are limited. Rebates will be processed until funds are depleted.