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Notice of Proposed New and Increased Fees

Notice of Proposed New or Modified Fees:
Proposed Business Registration Fees and Reduced Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) License Fee (To be effective January 1, 2018)
The City of Chandler is proposing new fees for Business Registration and a reduction of the Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) license fee.
The proposed City Fee Schedule changes are scheduled for the December 7, 2017 City Council meeting.  At the October 19, and
November 9, 2017 City Council meetings, the Mayor and Council will consider a new City Code section, Chapter 61, Business Registration,
which defines Businesses Registration requirements in the City.  If approved, these changes would go into effect January 1, 2018. 
View the Summary of Proposed New or Modified Fees and City Comparison Chart.    
Discussion on City Code content regarding the Business Registration has taken place with stakeholders at two separate meetings,
and a Council Sub-Committee meeting (PowerPoint presentation).  Additionally, a public meeting in the Chandler City Council
Chambers was held October 5, 2017 (video).
If you have any questions or comments, please contact Danielle Wells, Revenue Collections Supervisor, at (480)782-2278.

Web Posting Date: October 6, 2017


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