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This article first appeared in the SanTan Sun News, March 3, 2018, edition, pages 20-21.

Connect with Chandler, subscribe to the City’s YouTube channel for community news and information
Bringing Chandler to you!In recent years, the Chandler City Council has asked City departments to strive to achieve several strategic goals, including finding ways to “mobilize community resources and engage residents to make Chandler the ‘most connected city’ in Arizona.”
One department, Communications and Public Affairs, sees “connection” as a process of information sharing between the people of Chandler and their municipal government. Traditionally, most City news and information was shared with the public in print, through newspaper articles, newsletters, flyers and web pages. Additionally, Chandler residents have been able to enjoy live public meetings and community focused television shows broadcast on the City’s cable TV channel and the website. Most of the shows have been produced in-house by the City’s video production staff to help viewers stay informed about issues that may impact their lives in Chandler.
But today, social media is the dominant form of information sharing, and an ever increasing amount of that information is being shared via video. In response, the City’s Communications and Video Production teams are expanding their efforts to create more informative and entertaining videos that the public can watch anytime, anywhere on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
“We are sharing stories about Chandler that you won’t find anywhere else,” says Stacy Sacco, Chandler’s video production coordinator. “Our residents can feel more connected to their community by knowing more about what the City of Chandler is doing on their behalf. And we are constantly finding new stories to share based on feedback from our viewers.”
Communication between Chandler residents and their City government is a two-way connection; the City is sharing information in a myriad of ways and, ideally, residents complete the connection by seeking out that information. One step they can take to help ensure that important news and information from the City reaches them is to follow the City on social media and subscribe to Chandler’s official YouTube channel –
Chandler recently started live streaming City Council meetings on and some special events on Facebook, in an effort to reach a wider audience. And new programs are being added to the City’s YouTube channel almost every day.
Chandler’s YouTube channel has hundreds of shows on a variety of subjects, ranging from a recycling and trash collection tips video that is the most watched one on the channel to a short time-lapse video of an approaching dust storm. Some of the videos even attract a worldwide audience, such as “A Chandler Tradition, the Tumbleweed Tree,” which shares the history of our uniquely southwestern Christmas tree.
The channel content also is broken down into video playlists to help people quickly find what they are interested in viewing; for example, tourism videos are under the “Visit Chandler” playlist. A popular playlist is “Sprinkler’s Clubhouse,” containing 21 episodes of the award-winning children’s television show starring Sprinkler the Clown and his puppet pals teaching kids about fire safety, stranger danger, health and fitness, water safety and more. We encourage you to explore the various playlists to find the topics most appealing to you.
In the “Chandler Newsroom” playlist you will find videos highlighting upcoming events, City facilities and City employees and their important jobs serving the people of Chandler. A recent three-part series called “Chandler Night Shift” featured employees who are hard at work throughout the night while most people are comfortably asleep in bed; employees like police dispatchers, water treatment plant operators, street sweeper operators and road stripers.
A new series started last month is called “Chandler Minute,” featuring a member of our hometown comedy troupe, improvMANIA, visiting City facilities and promoting them in fun ways. You’re guaranteed to laugh several times during that minute!
The channel also features two in-studio interview shows featuring the Mayor and Council.
Chandler In Focus” features City Councilmembers and their guests discussing City programs and community issues. For example, Vice Mayor Nora Ellen recently interviewed Chandler Unified High School Superintendent Camille Casteel and Superintendent Jan Vesely of the Kyrene School District. Councilmember Sam Huang talked about the Ostrich Festival with Chandler Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Terri Kimble and Steve LeVine, CEO of Steve LeVine Entertainment and Public Relations. The Chandler Sports Hall of Fame and its most recent inductees were the subject of a show hosted by Councilmember Mark Stewart. Many other shows on a variety of topics are in the “Chandler In Focus” YouTube playlist.
Mayor Jay Tibshraeny hosts “Chandler Inside and Out,” where he interviews a special guest to discuss local, regional and national issues that affect Chandler. In the most recent episodes the Mayor has interviewed Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema, Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes, Congressman Andy Biggs, “The Morning Mayor” Dave Pratt and ASU Economist Lee McPheters.
"I've had the privilege through the years to interview some great guests on 'Chandler Inside and Out' and other programs on The Chandler Channel; incredible people like Senator John McCain, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and ASU President Michael Crow," said Mayor Jay Tibshraeny. "Thanks to the growth of social media, our shows now have the potential to reach a much larger audience; however, our most important audience is Chandler residents. I hope all of them will subscribe to the City's YouTube Channel and follow us on social media, so they won't miss any important news that might impact their lives."
Complete the communication connection between you and the City of Chandler today. Don’t miss any of the informative and entertaining shows on the City’s YouTube Channel; subscribe to You can also share ideas for new show topics by emailing We can’t wait to hear from you!

City’s video production staff excels at “Bringing Chandler to You”
The City of Chandler has operated a government access channel through its agreements with local cable television providers for many years. For much of that time, the channel was simply known as “Chandler Channel 11” and it broadcast live and recorded public meetings, locally produced shows about the City and a ‘bulletin board” of news and upcoming events.
Having a television channel dedicated to Chandler information has been a tremendous benefit for the City and its communication with residents. However, one cable TV channel could only reach a limited segment of Chandler households. In recent years, access to Chandler programs was greatly expanded through the City’s website. And today, social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube have put City of Chandler video content in easy reach of virtually every resident and even a worldwide audience.
Chandler's Video Production Team“It’s all about video,” says Stacy Sacco, Chandler’s video production coordinator. “Our entire communications team is adapting to a ‘video first’ media environment that has evolved in response to the public’s preference for getting their news and information on their mobile devices.”
City staff produces two to three new videos every week, ranging from 30-second “commercials” for City special events, to longer promotional videos about department programs or public safety announcements, to in-studio interview shows that can be up to 30-minutes in length. Chandler also live streams all City Council study sessions and meetings on YouTube.
The ongoing challenge is to present important yet sometimes dry Chandler news and information in a visually appealing and interesting way that will attract a wider audience. “I wish we could fill all of our videos with adorable kittens and puppies so they go viral and more people will watch them,” Sacco joked. “But we do our best to be creative while still communicating important and relevant information to our residents as clearly and concisely as possible."
A great example of being fun and creative, yet still sharing the City’s message effectively, is the State of the City video shown at the beginning of the Mayor’s State of the City address last month. “Our Video Production Specialist, Courtney Randolph, spent hours creating the stylized animation used in the State of the City video. It was a huge hit with the audience, and people can watch it on our YouTube channel any time,” Sacco added.
While getting more people to watch Chandler’s videos on YouTube and the City website is one goal, another is to engage with residents who are producing their own video content about Chandler. Last year, Sacco was instrumental in developing a new social media hashtag campaign to promote the City of Chandler in fun and creative ways. The #LoveChandler campaign features short videos of people sharing the reasons they love their community.
“We started by asking people on the streets of Downtown Chandler what they love about Chandler and we turned those into short videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,” Sacco said. “Then we asked people to make their own videos and to use #LoveChandler when they share them to their own social media accounts. I don’t think the #LoveChandler campaign is going to stop as long as people keep sharing their community spirit.”
For Sacco and Chandler’s communications staff, now and in the foreseeable future, “it’s all about video” and creating programs with valuable content for Chandler viewers. Please subscribe at and follow so you won’t miss your connection to any of the City’s new shows or live broadcasts