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March 15, 2017

City implementing electronic plan review program

Improving efficiency and reducing costs are the goals of a new electronic plan submission and review program being implemented by the City. The new system is available now and for the first time enables the City to receive, review and return building and engineering design plans electronically.  

“Applicants for a number of construction related permits can now apply and submit construction documents digitally,” said Ron Boose, Chandler’s building official. “This new service will not only greatly reduce the consumption of paper, but will save applicants time and costs associated with printing and manually delivering paper plans.” 

The new system has been integrated with the City’s existing permitting software, electronic document management system and electronic payment system. This now allows engineers, architects and others to submit plans, receive required correction comments, resubmit corrected plans, pay fees and print final permits entirely online using a customer access portal. 

 “This system will help us to improve internal plan review coordination while reducing the amount of paper and time spent routing,” said Jason Richardson, civil plan review manager. “We previously required up to 12 sets of plans and sent transmittal slips with each plan set through interoffice mail taking two to three days.  This now can all be accomplished in a few minutes with an email and a PDF file.”

“Suggestions for improvements are encouraged, as the program is new,” Boose said. “We want to work with users to ensure we’re providing a positive customer experience.”

Customers will need to set up a login and password and first time users of the system are encouraged to call the City to speak with staff that can assist them. The City will continue accepting printed plans, but will be encouraging customers to begin using the online system.

For questions, assistance or more information, contact Chandler Development Services at 480-782-3074.