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June 1, 2017
POV Documentary Film SeriesFree PBS documentary film series returns to Chandler Public Library this summer on Wednesday evenings, June 7-July 12
Chandler’s Downtown Public Library will present its free annual documentary film series this summer from 6:30-8 p.m. on Wednesday evenings beginning June 7 and continuing through July 12. The films will be screened in the Copper Room on the second floor of the Downtown Library located at 22 S. Delaware St.
The Get Reel film series is made possible by a partnership between Chandler Public Library and POV (Point of View). Produced by American Documentary, Inc., POV is public television’s premier showcase for nonfiction films. Since 1988, POV has been the home for the world’s boldest contemporary filmmakers, celebrating intriguing personal stories that spark conversation and inspire action.
 “This year marks the fifth summer of POV films at the library and the 30th season of POV on PBS,” said Chandler Librarian Ted Liebler. “Several of the films will be first-run documentaries making it possible for the community to see new releases before they go into broadcast, streaming and DVD distribution.” 
“In times of political division, POV offers stories with universal import,” said POV executive director/executive producer Justine Nagan. “Issues like immigration, criminal justice and veterans’ issues are given more than the cable-news treatment, and talented directors are given a prime-time audience on PBS. From national broadcast and streaming to impactful community screenings, we are bringing important stories, vibrant characters and diverse filmmaking perspectives into living rooms and town halls across all 50 states.”
The complete Get Reel film schedule, including descriptions, is below and on the Chandler Public Library website at
June 7
ALMOST SUNRISE by Marty Syjuco and Michael Collins
PBS-POV Television Broadcast:  May 29
Two friends, in an attempt to put their haunting combat experiences behind them, embark on an epic 2,700-mile trek on foot across America seeking redemption and healing as a way to close the moral chasm opened by war.  Almost Sunrise is an intimate, vérité film that eschews stereotypes, and instead, captures an unprecedented portrait of veterans - one of hope, potential and untold possibilities.
June 14
THE BIRTH OF SAKÉ by Erik Shirai
PBS-POV 2016 film
Go behind the scenes at Japan’s Yoshida Brewery, where a brotherhood of artisans, ranging from 20 to 70, spend six months in nearly monastic isolation as they follow an age-old process to create saké, the nation’s revered rice wine.
June 21
PBS-POV Television Broadcast: June 26
Dalya's Other Country tells the nuanced story of a family displaced by the Syrian conflict and remaking themselves after the parents separate. Effervescent teen Dalya goes to Catholic high school and her mother Rudayana enrolls in college as they both walk the line between their Muslim values and the new world they find themselves in.
June 28
SHALOM ITALIA by Tamar Tal Anati
PBS-POV Television Broadcast:  July 24
In Shalom Italia, three Italian Jewish brothers set off on a journey through Tuscany, in search of a cave where they hid as children to escape the Nazis. Their quest, full of humor, food and Tuscan landscapes, straddles the boundary between history and myth – a profound, funny, and endearing exploration of individual and communal memory.
July 5
PBS-POV 2016 film
Emmy®-nominated filmmaker Bernardo Ruiz takes an unflinching look at the hard choices and destructive consequences of the U.S.-Mexico drug war. Witness the human side of the conflict through the eyes of a U.S. drug enforcement agent, an activist nun in Mexico and a former Texas smuggler.
A co-presentation with Latino Public Broadcasting.
July 12
TRIBAL JUSTICE by Anne Makepeace
PBS-POV Television Broadcast:  August 21
In Tribal Justice, two Native American judges reach back to traditional concepts of justice in order to reduce incarceration rates, foster greater safety for their communities, and create a more positive future for their youth. By addressing the root causes of crime, they are modeling restorative systems that are working. Mainstream courts across the country are taking notice.
For more information regarding this film series, as well as other library resources, please call 480-782-2800 or visit