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March 6, 2018

Chandler utility bills alert customers of spikes in water use

Chandler water customers with unusually high water use will begin seeing alerts on their water bills.

Any customer whose water use doubles from one month to the next will be alerted. The City had been notifying customers of such increases via a postcard, but this process led to delays in notification that will be remedied by including the alert on the water bill.

“Our customers may already have been aware of the water use increase and can explain it, but we want to bring the increase to their attention just in case,” said Deina Burns, a water conservation specialist with Chandler. “If a customer is unable to account for the increase and wishes our help in finding the cause, we can visit their home and conduct a free water audit to identify the problem.”

The audit will evaluate a customer’s water use, check for leaks and verify the water meter is working properly. Households that took advantage of the home water audit last year saved an average of 34,000 gallons of water. Visit to schedule a free water audit, or call 480-782-3809.

Online resources to help determine the cause for high water use can be found at Potential reasons for increased water use include the filling of pools, seasonal adjustments to watering schedules, changes in the number of people living in a home, and leaks in plumbing or outside irrigation systems.

Email the City’s Water Conservation Office at, or call 480-782-3809 for more information on reducing your monthly water bill.